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Alimamy Pallo Bangura is a politician in Sierra Leone. Over the past 12 years, Bangura has played a major role in Sierra Leonean politics and was a member of the Revolutionary United Front Party, where he replaced rebel leader Foday Sankoh following Sankoh's May 2000 arrest and 2002 electoral disqualification. His posts have included: Ambassador to the United Nations from Sierra Leone (1994-1996); Foreign Minister (1997-1998); Minister of Energy and Power (1999-2001); and Secretary General of the Revolutionary United Front Party (2002-2007). He also ran for president in 2002 alongside former cabinet minister Peter Vandy, but the pair only received 1.7% of the presidential vote, while the RUF received only 2.2% of the parliamentary vote.


Bangura holds a master's degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Political beliefs[edit]

The RUF was made famous for its brutal war tactics that included kidnapping and torture. However, Bangura sought to change the face of the party. He describes himself as a supporter of democracy and a Christian. He has said "I'm not one who looks down on anybody. I do not reject anybody. I do not condemn anybody. The kind of Christian that I am is to accept everybody as God's child, and God having a purpose for each one. That is how I see it."

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