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Alithia newspaper cover.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format tabloid
Publisher Alithia Publishing Group
Editor Frixos Koulermos
Founded 1952
Political alignment Centre-right
Language Greek
Headquarters Nicosia, Cyprus
Circulation 11,000 daily[1]

Alithia (Greek: Η Αλήθεια, meaning "The Truth", etymologically the privative prefix "α" and "λήθη" Greek for "oblivion") is one of the largest newspapers (by circulation) in Cyprus, with about 11,000 copies daily. It is connected with the leadership of the conservative Democratic Rally party. According to the advertisement (24 August 2014) published in the Phileleftheros newspaper, citing as source the company RAI Consultants,[2] Alithia Sunday issue circulation in May 2014 was 6,722, and therefore it came sixth.

Alithia published its first issue as a weekly on 5 December 1880, in Limassol, Cyprus.[3] Therefore, it is the oldest still-circulating Greek paper on the island. In 1982 it became a daily publication.


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