All I Want (The Reverb Junkie album)

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All I Want
Studio album by The Reverb Junkie
Released September 10, 2013
Recorded 2012–2013
Genre Electronic pop, electronica
Length 35:51
Label Independent
Producer The Reverb Junkie
The Reverb Junkie chronology
EP 1
All I Want
EP 2

All I Want is the first solo studio album by The Reverb Junkie - producer moniker for musician Michelle Chamuel.[1] The album was entirely self-produced and released by The Reverb Junkie on September 10, 2013.[2] The album peaked at #6 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart for the week of September 28, 2013.[3] A music video of the album's first track "All I Want" was released following the album's release.[4] An album review said the music feels real and called it progressive.[5]


Chamuel called the album her "solo electronic project" and said it is quite different from anything she has done before.[6] In describing the album's composition, she wrote:[7]

For this album, I wrote and recorded full songs, then went back and selected my favorite parts – significant words/notes/syllables/etc – and left only those parts. I got to use my voice as an instrument and play with the different sounds it can make. I wrote melodies on bass, piano, strings, synthesizer, guitar, organ, and glockenspiel. I acted like my own choir. I programmed drums [...] I kept writing and re-arranging, adding and taking away, until it sounded just how I wanted it to.

The original uncut demo of three of the songs were released as tracks 12 through 14. The male vocals are Chamuel's voice processed electronically.[8] In an interview following the album's release, Chamuel said her studio work as The Reverb Junkie focuses on creative sound works, and that it is not necessarily performative on stage.[9] She compared the creative process to sculpting and painting with sound, where melodies are shaped as new layers are added. Regarding the album's name, she said it reflects "what I've wanted to make for a long time".[10]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "All I Want"   2:23
2. "Everything"   2:54
3. "Hangin On"   2:48
4. "Selfish"   3:22
5. "Eyoh"   2:14
6. "Worth"   3:04
7. "More Than Enough"   2:53
8. "Bit By Bit"   2:15
9. "Tear Down Walls"   2:25
10. "Want Me Now"   3:32
11. "XWarmm" (bonus track) 2:28
12. "Hangin On" (uncut studio demo) 1:44
13. "Selfish" (uncut studio demo) 2:21
14. "Eyoh" (uncut studio demo) 1:28


  • The Reverb Junkie – composer, arranger, performer, engineer, producer, artwork
  • Tyler Duncan – stem mixing, mastering


Chart Peak position
US Heatseekers Albums[11] 15
US Dance/Electronic Albums[3] 6


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