All That Was Has Gone

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All That Was Has Gone
All That was Has Gone CD Cover.jpg
Studio album by Northern Uproar
Released 29 June 2013[1]
Recorded 2013
Genre Indie rock
Length 37:25
Northern Uproar chronology
Stand and Fight
(2007)Stand and Fight2007
All That Was Has Gone

All That Was Has Gone is the fourth studio album by British band Northern Uproar. It was released in 2013.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "There's a Place"
  2. "Everywhere That You Go"
  3. "Stealin' Time"
  4. "Lies"
  5. "(Feels Like) I'm Comin' Up"
  6. "Never Wanted to Go "
  7. "Load It Up"
  8. "Riding the Waves"
  9. "Sometimes"
  10. "All That Was Has Gone"
  11. "You're the One Within