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Allan Reed Folsom (December 9, 1941 – May 16, 2014) was an American screenwriter and novelist.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Folsom grew up in Boston, United States. In 1963, he worked as a camera man, editor, writer and producer in California. He then wrote scripts for TV series and films, such as Hart to Hart.

He wrote five books: The Day After Tomorrow (1994), Day of Confession (1998), The Exile (2004), The Machiavelli Covenant (2006) and The Hadrian Memorandum (2009)

His first novel, The Day After Tomorrow, debuted at #3 on the New York Times bestseller list[1] and netted over 1.2 million copies.

He lived in Santa Barbara, California with his family. He died there on May 16, 2014 of metastatic melanoma.[2]


  1. The Day After Tomorrow (1994)
  2. Day of Confession (1998)
  3. The Exile (2004)
  4. The Machiavelli Covenant (2006)
  5. The Hadrian Memorandum (2009)

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