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Allen Mendler is an American author and educator born on October 21, 1949 in Middle Village, Queens New York. He received his PhD in Education from Union Institute in 1980, and he has spent over twenty five years developing discipline with dignity classroom management methodology for both regular and special classrooms. Mendler's emphasis is on developing effective frameworks and strategies for educators to manage behavior and classrooms. He is an expert at helping youth professionals, teachers, administrators, and parents to help difficult youth succeed.

Discipline with Dignity method[edit]

Together with Dr. Richard Curwin, Dr. Mendler developed the 'Discipline with Dignity' approach to classroom management. This methodology attempts to involve students in defining classroom procedures, rules, and consequences based on values or principles compatible with learning. The basic strategies include prevention, action, and resolution. This concept relates problems faced in inner-city schools as they are in rural and suburban schools.

Discipline with Dignity is viewed by proponents of the theory as an in-depth flexible approach for effective school and classroom management. With a strong focus on developing responsibility, it is seen as a comprehensive, practical program that leads to improved student behavior through responsible thinking, cooperation, mutual respect, and shared decision making.


Dr. Mendler is the author or co-author of many books on classroom management and classroom discipline including:

  • What Do I Do When?
  • Power Struggles: Successful Techniques for Educators
  • Motivating Students Who Don't Care
  • Connecting with Students
  • Discipline with Dignity for Challenging Youth. Published by Solution Tree. page Xi. copyright 2007.

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