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Allied Breweries was the result of a 1961 merger between Ind Coope (of Burton), Ansells (of Birmingham), and Tetley Walker (of Leeds).[1][2]

In 1978, Allied Breweries merged with the food and catering group J. Lyons and Co to form Allied Lyons. The breweries business merged with Carlsberg in 1992 and became Carlsberg-Tetley, which is now part of Carlsberg Group, with Carlsberg-Tetley now known as Carlsberg UK.



Beermat showing Ansells signature logo

Ansells was founded by Joseph Ansell in Birmingham. It became a limited company in 1901 and grew by acquiring several other smaller local brewers.[3]

In 1961, Ansells merged with Tetley Walker and Ind Coope to form Allied Breweries.[4] The Aston Brewery stopped all production in 1981. Production was subsequently moved to Allied's Burton upon Trent brewery. Ansells Mild and Best Bitter are currently produced for Allied's successor Carlsberg by JW Lees.

Ind Coope[edit]

Ind Coope and Allsopps plaque outside The Plough Inn, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire

The roots of Ind Coope can be traced back to 1799 when Edward Ind acquired the Star Brewery in Romford, Essex. The brewery had been founded by George Cardon in 1709.

Ind, Coope & Co was founded in 1845 when Octavius Coope and George Coope joined with Edward Ind as Ind Coope. They opened a brewery in Burton-on-Trent in 1856.[5]

Ind Coope merged with Samuel Allsopp & Sons in 1934, then with Ansells and Tetley Walker in 1961 to form Allied Breweries.[6]

Ind Coope Burton Brewery was sold by Carlsberg-Tetley to Bass in 1997. Through a series of take-overs and name changes, it is now owned by Molson Coors and operates as Burton North Brewery.

Tetley Walker[edit]

Joshua Tetley of Leeds (founded 1822) and Walkers of Warrington (founded 1864) first merged to form Tetley Walker in 1960 and then merged with Ind Coope and Ansells to form Allied Breweries in 1961.[citation needed]

Taylor Walker[edit]

Taylor Walker name preserved in the glass of the Plough pub in London's Bloomsbury district.

Taylor Walker & Co was founded in 1730 in Stepney as Salmon and Hare, and later became Hare and Hartford. In 1796 John Taylor acquired Hare's share, and the company took the name Taylor Walker in 1816 when Isaac Walker became a partner.[7]

The brewery moved to Fore Street, Limehouse in 1823 and into the Barley Mow Brewery in Limehouse in 1889.[8]

Taylor Walker became a public company in 1927. In 1930, a reverse takeover by the Cannon Brewery, which owned more than 600 public houses, most in East London, gave the latter a controlling interest. The Cannon Brewery was owned by the Iggulden family. In 1903 Harold Iggulden became a major shareholder in West Ham United Football Club.

Taylor Walker was taken over by Ind Coope in 1959.[2]

The Barley Mow brewery was closed in 1960 and was demolished in the mid-1960s.[9]

The Barley Mow pub in Limehouse was attached to the brewery, it is now called The Narrow[10] and is owned by Gordon Ramsay Holdings. Beer bearing the Taylor Walker name was brewed at the Burton plant of Allied Breweries until the mid-1990s.[11] Many London pubs had the distinctive Taylor Walker lamp branding outside their premises long after Taylor Walker beer had ceased to be sold.[12]

UK pub and bar operator, Punch Taverns, announced it would resurrect the name Taylor Walker for pubs in London and around the UK on 19 October 2010. This would unite some of the company's most historic and traditional pubs under the Taylor Walker Pubs brand. The Taylor Walker name is still owned by Carlsberg UK, who have signed an agreement with Punch Taverns to use the name for the pubs.[13] Punch Taverns demerged its managed pubs arm as Spirit Pub Company in 2011 and around 120 pubs (106 originally + 92 being in London and the rest being in towns and cities across the UK) eventually took on the Taylor Walker name,[14] although following the Greene King takeover of Spirit Pub Company in 2015, the Taylor Walker brand was retired with the pubs being brought under the Greene King brand.

Ind Coope also took over Benskins and Friary Meux.


In 1968, Allied made an agreed £108M bid for Showerings of Shepton Mallet, acquiring William Gaymer, Whiteways, Britvic and John Harvey & Sons of Bristol.

In 1978, Allied Breweries merged with the food and catering group J. Lyons and Co to form Allied Lyons.[15][16] The breweries business was merged with Carlsberg in 1992 and became Carlsberg-Tetley, which is now part of Carlsberg Group, with Carlsberg-Tetley now known as Carlsberg UK.


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