Almoayyed Tower

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Almoayyed Tower
Record height
Preceded by Abraj Al Lulu (Tower: 3)
Surpassed by Abraj Al Lulu (Tower: 1 & 2)
General information
Location Manama, Bahrain
Coordinates 26°14′09″N 50°32′31″E / 26.23583°N 50.54194°E / 26.23583; 50.54194Coordinates: 26°14′09″N 50°32′31″E / 26.23583°N 50.54194°E / 26.23583; 50.54194
Construction started 2001
Completed 2004
Cost US$53,000,000
Management Bahrain YK Almoayyed & Sons
Roof 172 m (564 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 47
Floor area 48,400 m2 (520,973 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 7
Design and construction
Architect United Arab Emirates Shadid EC,
Bahrain Mazen Al-Umran C.E.
Main contractor United Arab Emirates Fujairah NCC

Almoayyed Tower (also known as: Dark Tower), is commercial skyscraper located in the Seef neighborhood of Bahraini capital Manama. The tower is regular four-sided structure, with a height of 172 metres (564 ft).[1] Almoayyed consists mostly of office and business complexes. It was a tallest tower in Bahrain until the Bahrain Financial Harbour, Bahrain WTC and the Abraj Al Lulu was constructed. Almoayyed Tower is also known as Dark Tower because of its dark coloring. Almoayyed Tower is currently[when?] managed by Cluttons.[1]


The entire construction process was divided into two Phases.[citation needed] Phase-1 was the construction of the tower itself, and Phase-2 was the construction of the eight-storey car park, which can accommodate over 1000 cars. The first Phase was completed in November 2003, and the second Phase was completed in 2004. Almoayyed was the tallest structure in Bahrain from 2001 till 2008, standing over 172 metres (564 ft) tall, with 42 floors and 6 public elevators, and a total floor space of 48,400 square metres (520,973 sq ft). Almoayyed is built on a 2,024 m2 (21,786 sq ft) footprint area, and is the first building in Bahrain to possess a private helipad, which is built on the top of the building.


Almoayyed Tower offers Retail space covering its 'Mall' which encompasses the Ground and Mezzanine floors and has a separate entrance on the north side of the structure. The building has booster antennas from all the major telecom providers in Bahrain, meaning that signal is not lost whilst in one of the 6 elevators. The 43 floor offers space for Antennas, given Almoayyed Towers large size relative to all other buildings in the Al Seef District, it has been a hub for telecom providers to place their antennas on Almoayyed Tower to give better reception to the rest of Manama.


Almoayyed Tower has been Managed by Cluttons since 2006. Cluttons maintains a management office within the building on the 28th Floor.

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