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Alnesbourne Priory, also known as Alnesbourn Priory was a small Augustinian monastic house in the English county of Suffolk.[1] It was located near Nacton to the south-east of Ipswich near to the River Orwell and the current route of the A14.

The priory was probably founded in the 13th century by Albert de Neville, possibly as a satellite of Woodbridge Priory.[2][3] It was annexed by the monks of Woodbridge at some point in the 15th Century, possibly 1466.[2][4][5][6] The priory was "ruinous" by 1514,[4] although remains of the priory church can be found in the walls of Alnesbourne Priory Country Club and form the basis for the listing of the building as a Grade II listed building.[7]

The priory was in the old parish of Hallowtree or Halghetree the church of which formed part of its holding.[2][3] The village is mentioned in the Domesday book as a very small village with about four households which was held by the church of Alnesbourn St Andrew before the conquest.[8] At the time of the survey the village was held by Roger of Poitou.[8]

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