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Temporal range: Hettangian[1]
Alsatites proaries, Slg Reiter.JPG
Alsatites proaries
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Subclass: Ammonoidea
Order: Ammonitida
Superfamily: Psiloceratoidea
Family: Arietitidae
Genus: Alsatites
Haug 1894

Alsatites is an extinct genus of cephalopod belonging to the Ammonite subclass. They lived during the Early Jurassic, Hettangian till the Sinemurian and are generally extremely evolute, many whorled. Keel broad and blunt organisms, they also exhibit a primary ribbing which is close and persistent.[2]


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