Altar (Romanian band)

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Origin Cluj Napoca, Romania
Genres Thrash metal, Hardcore
Years active 1991 – 1998 , 2003 – present
Members Andy Ghost (Pákay Csaba)
Doctor Damian
Theo Peter Jr.
Past members Călin Boca
Nimrod Szedlacsek
Sandy Deac

Altar is a Romanian metal band from Cluj Napoca, that formed in 1991. After a couple of local shows, the band had their first national concert at the '91 Samrock Festival, where they won the prize for the most popular band. After the performance at the Timişoara '92 Studfest, Altar was considered the revelation of the festival. They enjoyed enormous success afterwards, releasing five albums and becoming one of the most important metal bands in Romania.[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Andy Ghost – Vocals
  • Damian – Guitars and backing vocals
  • Teo Peter – Bass and backing vocals
  • Levi – Drums


  • 1993: The Last Warning
  • 1995: Respect
  • 1998: Born Again
  • 2006: Atitudine
  • 2011: Mantra

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