Altaydyn cholmony

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Алтайдыҥ чолмоны
Type general broadsheet
Founded 1922
Language Altay
Headquarters ul. Choros-Gurkina, 38
Circulation c. 3000

Altaydyn Cholmony (Altay: Алтайдыҥ чолмоны, lit. Star of Altai) is the main Altai language newspaper of the Altai Republic. It is printed 3 times a week.[1][2]

The newspaper received the Order of the Badge of Honour.[3]

Previous designations:

  • 1922-1923: Кызыл солун табыш (Red News)
  • 1923-1925: Ойрот јери (Oirot region)
  • 1925-1948: Кызыл Ойрот/Kьzьl Ojrot (Red Oirot)