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Alternative Records
Founded 1989
Founder Randy Layton
Status Defunct
Genre Christian and rock music
Country of origin United States
Location Eugene, Oregon

Alternative Records was an independent record label based in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The label started in 1989, and has not released an album since 1998.

Formed from its previous incarnation as a mail order record company starting in 1979, Randy Layton started the label as an outlet for former Exit Records artists Steve Scott and The 77s to release back catalogue and unreleased works. The label took on other artists over time, and after distribution deals with BMG and Word Canada ended, the company effectively shut down save for the occasional fan club releases.

The company was known for its many collector’s versions of its albums; as an example More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be by the 77s was first issued as a box set with a 7" single, a 3-track CD single, and a 4 track cassette as a numbered, signed edition of 1,000 before being reconfigured for CD with a different track listing.



  • Steve Scott - Lost Horizon (ES 4001) (1989)[1]
  • 7&7iS; The 77s - More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be (ES 4002) (1989 box set, 1990, 1992 reissues)[2]
  • Various Artists - The Summer Sampler (ES PR-4006) (1990)[citation needed]
  • Steve Scott - Magnificent Obsession (ES 4007) (1991)[3][4]
  • Robert Vaughn & The Shadows - Songs From The Riverhouse (ES 4009) (1991)[5][6]
  • Two Pound Planet - Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox (ES 4010) (1992)[7]
  • White Trash Supper Club (ES 4011) (1992)[citation needed]
  • Various Artists - No Sense of History/Shirley, Goodness, & Misery (ES 4013 A/B) (1992, released with Stunt Records)[8]
  • Various Artists - Bootlevel (ES 4014) (LP version, 1992)[9]
  • Two Pound Planet - Whispering Delicious (ES 4015) (1993)[10]
  • Various Artists - Bootlevel (ES 4017) (1994, cd version; aka "Bootlevel 2")
  • Robert Vaughn - Decayed (ES 4018) (1994)[citation needed]
  • Skeleton Closet - Skeleton Closet (ES 4019;SW 9501) (1996)[citation needed]
  • Lightweight - Lightweight (ES 4020) (1996)[citation needed]
  • Eagle Park Slim - Northwest Blues (1998)[citation needed]


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