Aluizio Abranches

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Aluizio Abranches
Aluizio abranches.jpg
Occupation Film director
Years active 1989–present

Aluizio Abranches was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He directed the features films "Um Copo de Cólera" (A Glass of Rage, 1999), "As Três Marias" (The Three Marias, 2002) and "Do Começo ao Fim" (From Beginning to End, 2009). His latest movie is the romantic comedy "Bem Casados" (Happily Married, 2015), successfully released in December 2015.

Graduated in cinema at London Film School and in economics at Universidade Cândido Mendes, Aluizio became known for taking to the cinema screens challenging projects, both in their strategies of creation as well in their themes, with a prestigious crew and great cast. His mostly recurrent themes are family and love, as a counterpoint to a world full of violence, fear and intolerance.

A Glass of Rage is based on the novel of the Brazilian writer Raduan Nassar. Starring Julia Lemmetz and Alexandre Borges. The Three Marias is a shakespearean tragedy in the countryside of Pernambuco. Starring Marieta Severo, Julia Lemmertz, Wagner Moura, Lázaro Ramos. From Beginning to End addresses unconditional love between two brothers and it is the third film that Aluizio Works with Julia Lemmertz, who stars the movie with Fábio Assunção, Rafael Cardoso and João Gabriel Vasconcellos. In Happily Married, Aluizio rejoins the partnership with Alexandre Borges, who stars in the comedy with Camila Morgado.



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