Álvaro Bonilla Lara

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Álvaro Bonilla Lara.

Álvaro Bonilla Lara (3 November 1903 – 1988)[1] won the Lichtenstein Medal in 1965.[2] He was a lawyer by profession.[3] Bonilla Lara was a member of the Society of Costa Rica Collectors and an expert on the revenue stamps of Costa Rica. In 1998, his History of the Revenue Stamps of Costa Rica (1870-1970) was updated by Héctor R. Mena and Oscar C. Rohrmoser as the Costa Rica Revenue Stamp Catalogue (ISBN 0964524767).

Bonilla Lara was twice President of La Federación Interamericana de Filatelia[4] and joined the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1967.[5]

Selected publications[edit]

  • "Los sellos de Telegrafos" in Chile Filatelico, No. 170, Junio de 1968, pp. 68-70.
  • History of the Revenue Stamps of Costa Rica (1870-1970). Baton Rouge, La. Society of Costa Rica Collectors, 1996. ISBN 0-9645247-3-2

A fuller listing of articles by Bonilla Lara on Costa Rican revenue philately may be found in Riley's Fiscal Philatelic Literature Handbook, June 1997.

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