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For the mountain in Switzerland, see Alvier (mountain).
Basin features
Main source Brandnertal in Vorarlberg
River mouth Ill
Physical characteristics
Length 13 km (8.1 mi)

The Alvier is a mountain stream in Vorarlberg and flows through the Brandnertal where it merges with the Ill. The river passes through the municipality of „Brand in Vorarlberg“.

The waters have created numerous flat areas in the riverbed. Brook trout and rainbow trout splash about in water there. The clear but torrential river has drinking water quality.

The pride of the village is the 14 hectare large „Alvier-Bath“ which can be used free of charge. Aquatic plants filter pollutants in a biological procedure out of the water of the bath, which gains agreeable temperatures in summer.

Coordinates: 47°09′N 9°48′E / 47.150°N 9.800°E / 47.150; 9.800