Alvord Hot Springs

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Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs is a geothermal spring located near the southeastern corner of the state of Oregon in the United States.


The spring lies at 4080 ft (1244 m) elevation on the western edge of the Alvord Desert into which the spring flows and eventually evaporates. To the west of the springs lies Steens Mountain, a north-south running fault with a peak of 9773 feet (2979 m) above sea level.

Soaking pools[edit]

The source averages 174 °F (79 °C), but a system of pipes cools and regulates the flow of incoming water so that the pool temperature is maintained about 112 °F (44 °C). The spring smells somewhat of sulfur, yet not enough to dissuade visitors from soaking in the small, man-made rectangular concrete soaking pool which is 3 feet (1 m) deep and either 25 by 50 feet (7.5 x 15 m)[1] or 10 by 20 (3 x 6 m).[2] The soaking pool has a covered, as well as an open portion, the covered portion being rustic in its corrugated sheet metal and wood construction.[1]

Public access[edit]

Though they are on private property, before 2013, the use of the hot springs was free and open to the public year round.[3] In early 2013 the property owners (the Alvord Ranch) installed a full-time caretaker in a trailer and started construction of a parking-lot and a small building which will house a store. Access to the hot springs are no longer free, there is now a fee of $5 per person per day.[4] Maintenance is volunteered by local residents and all visitors are encouraged to help keep the springs clean.[1]


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Coordinates: 42°32′38″N 118°31′59″W / 42.543918°N 118.533138°W / 42.543918; -118.533138