Amélie Sarn

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Amélie Sarn
Born Amélie Sarn-Cantin[1]

Amélie Sarn-Cantin (born 4 March 1970[1]) is a French author, comic book writer and translator. In 2006, she took over Geneviève Huriet's role as the author of the Beechwood Bunny Tales series, with Qu'as-tu fait, Mistouflet ? and L'album photo des Passiflore.

In April 2002, Sarn published her first novel for adults, Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante (ISBN 2-226-13264-3). She later wrote the book adaptation of Sylvain Chomet's The Triplets of Belleville.

Sarn's works have been published in France by Éditions Milan, Rageot, Albin-Michel and Groupe Flammarion.


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