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"Amairo no Kami no Otome" (亜麻色の髪の乙女, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) is a 1968 single by the Japanese Group Sounds band Village Singers (ヴィレッジ・シンガーズ). The song was composed by Koichi Sugiyama with lyrics by Jun Hashimoto (橋本淳). Before Village Singers, though, the melody was first given to Michi Aoyama (青山ミチ) and released as "On the Windy Hills" (風吹く丘で) in 1966. The song has been covered several times, including by the J-Pop group Mi-Ke, the singer Hitomi Shimatani, and a Mandarin version by Tsin Ting and Cyndi Wang.

Cover by Hitomi Shimatani[edit]

"Amairo no kami no otome"
Amairo COVER.jpg
Single by Hitomi Shimatani
Released May 9, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Dance/J-Pop
Length 15:38
Label avex trax

Koichi Sugiyama, Jun Hashimoto

Producer =
Hitomi Shimatani singles chronology
Amairo no kami no otome
Amairo Maxi

The cover version by Hitomi Shimatani was released as her 7th single under Avex Trax on May 9, 2002. The single hit #4 on the Oricon charts and sold 375,000 copies. The A-side is Amairo no kami no otome, a cheerful and upbeat dance track. The B-side, Ashita to Kyou no Aida(Between Tomorrow and Today) is a soft ballad.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Amairo no kami no otome (4:07)
  2. Ashita to Kyou no Aida (3:45)
  3. Amairo no kami no otome (instrumental) (4:06)
  4. Ashita to Kyou no Aida (instrumental) (3:40)