Crossover (Hitomi Shimatani album)

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Hitomi Shimatani - crossover (Album Cover).jpg
Studio album by Hitomi Shimatani
Released February 23, 2005
Recorded 2004-2005
Genre J-Pop
Length unavailable
Label avex trax
Hitomi Shimatani chronology
Tsuioku+Love Letter
Heart & Symphony

Crossover is Hitomi Shimatani's first special concept album, featuring "crossover versions" of popular tracks from her 4th album 追憶+Love Letter, as well as new songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "早春" (Soushun)
  2. "Perseus: ペルセウス" crossover version
  3. "I Will"
  4. "Garnet Moon" crossover version
  5. "恋の雫" (Koi no Shizuku)
  6. "Z!Z!Z!: Zip!Zap!Zipangu!" crossover version
  7. "シャンティ" crossover version (Shanty)
  8. "秘密" (Himitsu)
  9. "愛歌" (Aika)
  10. "追憶+Love Letter" crossover version (Tsuioku)