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Amaya is the name of a village (pop. 67 (as of 2002)) in the municipality of Sotresgudo, Burgos, in Castile-Leon, Spain.

Amaya is mentioned in the Chronicle of John of Biclaro, as a town captured by the Visigothic king Liuvigild in 574.[1]

After the campaigns of Alfonso I of Asturias (739-757) against the Moors, the city lay an abandoned in the largely empty buffer zone between Moors and Christians known at the time as "The Desert of the Duero" and was part of the "Repoblación" (repopulation) effort carried out a century later, during the reign of Ordoño I of Asturias (850-866). At that time it was a more important and significant place than at present.

Amaya seems to have been a short-lived bishopric,[2] which, no longer being a residential diocese, is today listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°39′N 4°10′W / 42.650°N 4.167°W / 42.650; -4.167