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Ambiancé is an upcoming experimental film that is directed by the Swedish director Anders Weberg.[1] The film has a projected release date of December 31, 2020 and will have a running time of 720 hours, or 30 days, and will be screened globally.[2][3] Once the film's initial screening is completed, Weberg will destroy the only existent copy of the entire movie, which he says will make it "the longest film made that doesn't exist".[4] He has also stated that this will be his final film. It will be the second longest film ever made after Logistics.[5]

Development and release[edit]

Weberg has stated that he made Ambiancé as a protest against the re-creation of old, classic films.[2] Part of the filming for Ambiancé took place in October 2015 on a beach in Sweden and Weberg has claimed that the location is the same place that Ingmar Bergman filmed part of The Seventh Seal.[6]

As of 2016 Weberg has claimed to have completed 400 hours of footage and that in order to complete the film by its release date he must film 7 to 8 hours of raw footage each week.[7] Weberg has released two trailers for the film, the first of which was released in 2014 and is 72 minutes long. He released a second trailer in 2016 that was 439 minutes(~ 7 Hours and 20 Minutes) and has stated that he would release a 72-hour trailer in 2018. But that never came to fruition.[8][9] The second trailer consisted of a single take and featured no cuts.[10]


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