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The American Agricultural Law Association (AALA) is a professional organization concerned with the legal needs of the agricultural community in the United States. The association was founded in 1985.

The AALA offers an independent, non-political forum for the investigation and resolution of issues in agricultural law. It has over 500 members throughout the United States, and works also with students, academics and legal professionals regarding the legal needs of the agricultural community. The AALA meets annually, with the 2009 annual conference to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia on September 25–26, 2009.[1]

The AALA publishes a monthly newsletter, The Agricultural Law Update, containing articles by specialists on water and natural resources law, government regulations, agricultural labor law, cooperatives, environmental issues, taxation, finance and credit, seed and plant issues, small farm issues, farmland protection, and congressional activity. It is distributed to members electronically and by mail; all AALA members are encouraged to submit articles on agricultural law developments in their area.

The AALA is a partner of the National Agricultural Law Center, a prominent American provider of agricultural and food law research and information. Through the partnership both institutions produce the United States Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog[2] and the AALA Agricultural Law Listserve.[3] The National Agricultural Law Center also publishes and maintains a database of AgLaw Updates from 1985 through 2008 as part of the National AgLaw Reporter[4] component of the National Agricultural Law Center website.

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