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ManufacturerAmerican Automobile and Power Company
DesignerEdward O. Mosher

The American Automobile and Power Company was an American Brass Era car manufacturer, incorporated in Sanford, Maine, in 1903.[1] They produced the American Populaire[2] during 1904 and 1905.[3]

Starting with a capital of $500,000,[2] the company incorporated on December 9, 1903. There were eight officers, three from Boston, Massachusetts, the rest locals; Bostonian Henry D. Long was treasurer, Sanfordian Ernest M. Goodall president.[3]

With a design from Edward O. Mosher,[3] AEC produced a prototype in a shed in Lawrence, Massachusetts, debuting it at the Boston Automobile Show in March 1904.[3]

The company offered three models, all with Mosher's 12 hp (8 kW) two-cylinder engine,[3] on the same 84 in (2134 mm) wheelbase: a $850 roadster, a $950 tonneau (which had an unusual swing-out split front seat),[3] and a $1000 Cape Cod Tourer.[3] By contrast, the Yale side-entrance tourer sold for $1000, the Model S $700, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout went for $650,[4] Western's Gale Model A was $500,[5] a Brush Runabout was $485,[6] the Black from $375,[7] and the Success was $250.[8] At the upper end of the AEC range, a Cole 30 or Colt Runabout was priced at $1500,[9] while an Enger 40 was $2000.[6]

While Long bragged, "We could sell one thousand cars in three months if we could make them",[3] by April 1905, production had ceased and the Maine Alpaca Company had taken over the factory.

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