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American Christian Press serves as the publishing arm of The Way International Biblical research, teaching and fellowship ministry, operating out of New Knoxville, Ohio.

Ongoing publications[edit]

  • The Way Magazine, published bi-monthly. Editor: Keith W. Jackson.

Published works[edit]

Wierwille, Victor Paul.[edit]

Martindale, L. Craig.[edit]

Other Authors[edit]

Aramaic New Testament Publications[edit]

Reprints by The Way International[edit]

K.C. Pillai[edit]

E.W. Bullinger[edit]

Other Authors[edit]

  • (1994) Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament by William Jennings. ISBN 0-910068-69-0

Studies in Abundant Living Series[edit]

Studies in Abundant Living, Vols I - V are each a compilation of previously published pamphlets, Way Magazine articles or transcriptions of teachings. Some chapters are repeated, sometimes in expanded form in other books. At times these books, as well as Power for Abundant Living, Receiving the Holy Spirit Today and Christians Should Be Prosperous were included as part of the package with The Way's foundational class.

European Christian Press[edit]

European Christian Press was the publishing arm of The Way in Great Britain Ltd., which was at one time associated with The Way International. They published several books of collected teachings of Way founder VP Wierwille, edited by Christopher Geer.