American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council

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American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council
Founded 1979
Type Non-Profit
  • 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 500 Fairfax, VA 22031
10,000 individual members: 3,000 in government (ACT) and 7,000 from industry (IAC) across 450 companies

Founded in 1979, the American Council for Technology and the Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) is a 501(c)3,[1] non-profit, educational organization established to create a more effective and innovative government. ACT-IAC provides a unique, objective and trusted forum where government and industry executives are working together to improve public services and agency operations through the use of technology.


The American Council for Technology (ACT) Executive Committee includes 17 government executives from 12 departments and agencies. It welcomes government employees [2] from all functions and levels of government – federal, state and local. Full-time government employees do not pay a membership fee to participate in ACT.

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) welcomes participation by any private sector company committed to improving government through information technology. Companies pay a membership[3] fee based on their total government revenues. Once a company joins IAC, all of its employees are eligible to participate in its activities.

Communities of Interest[edit]

The Communities of Interest (COIs) are the heart of the ACT-IAC collaborative mission. They provide a government-driven, objective, vendor-neutral and ethical forum where government and industry communicate and collaborate. COIs enable awareness of community events, activities, news and other information sharing. They also host programming and establish projects and events. Current COIs focus on the following:

  • Acquisition
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Delivering Citizen Solutions
  • Digital Enablement
  • Emerging Technology
  • Evolving the Workforce
  • Financial Management, Information Sharing and Shared Services
  • Networks and Telecommunications
  • Young Professionals


The organization's signature annual events include:

Award Programs[edit]

ACT-IAC recognizes and celebrates superior contributions through the following:

  • Igniting Innovation Awards [7]
  • Awards[8]
  • Janice K. Mendenhall Spirit of Leadership Award[9]
  • Ginny McCormick New Heights Award[10]


ACT-IAC is an authorized[11] provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).[12]

2015[13] Publications[edit]

  • Data Quality: Letting Data Speak for Itself within the Enterprise Data Strategy
  • NS2020: A Perspective on Emerging Technologies
  • FITARA IT Management Maturity Model[14]
  • DATA Act Forum Presentations
  • Improving the Veteran Experience through Strategic Resource Planning & Management
  • ACT-IAC MOC DATA Act Think Tank Executive Report
  • Unique Entity Identifiers and the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): A Potential Cornerstone for Transparency of Federal Spending Data and the DATA Act
  • Transparency Enabling Transformation: The Benefits to Agencies through Implementation of the DATA Act
  • Developing a DATA Act Implementation Plan
  • Accelerating Federal Cloud Adoption
  • Accelerating the Adoption of Shared Services Executive Report
  • NS2020 Management & Operations Systems (MOPS) Recommendations
  • Setting the Standard: Developing the Framework for DATA Act Implementation
  • NS2020 Operational Excellence: Recommendations for Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)


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