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Part of the American Kennel Club hound group at a dog show. The breeds from left ot right are: Rhodesian Ridgeback, Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound, Saluki, Otterhound, Bloodhound, Borzoi, American Foxhound, Norwegian Elkhound and Afghan Hound.

The American Kennel Club has an 8 Group System. This is a system shared with many other non-Fédération Cynologique Internationale Kennel Clubs, however it adds an extra group. All of these groups but one have breeds with a common original purpose in.

8 Group System[edit]

The American Kennel Club's 8 Group System is shared with many other non-FCI members, but with one extra group. They all contain dogs that were bred for a specific purpose. These groups are a less broken down than the FCI. This is the hierarchy:

Example Breed: Norwegian Buhund


The American Kennel Club Groups are as follows:

  1. Hound Group
  2. Terrier Group
  3. Working Group
  4. Herding Group
  5. Sporting Group
  6. Non-Sporting Group
  7. Toy Group
  8. Miscellaneous Class


In October 2007, the AKC Board of Directors formed a committee to look at possibly expanding it groups to better serve the sport.[1] An initial proposal by the realignment committee was made in 2009 for the March 2010 Delegate Meeting but was sent back to the Board by the committee before a vote was made on it.[1] The Board then reformed the committee to study a new proposal based on new information.[1] On November 14, 2011, the Board accepted a new proposal to be sent to the delegates for a vote in March 2012.[2] Among the proposed changes are a split of the Sporting and Hound groups into two separate groups and the working into three separate groups.[3]

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