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The "American Law Library" series are a series of Chinese books that are translated from American law textbooks.

In 2000, the Public Affairs Section of the American Embassy to the People's Republic of China and the China University of Political Science and Law Publishing House—as part of the US and China Presidential Rule of Law Initiative—agreed to cooperate to translate hundreds of American law textbooks into Chinese and publish Chinese editions.

List of translated books[edit]

  1. Jonathan Rosenoer, Cyber law: the Law of the Internet
  2. Karl N. Llewellyn, The Common Law Tradition
  3. Edward H. Levi, An Introduction to the Legal Reasoning
  4. Richard A. Posner, Overcoming Law
  5. Cass R. Sunstein, Free Markets and Social Justice
  6. Henry Hansmann, The Ownership of Enterprise
  7. Paul Brest, Sanford Lexinson, Akhil Reed Amar, et al., Process of Constitutional Decisionmaking
  8. Robert A. Gorman, Basic Text on Labor Law: Unionization and Collective Bargaining
  9. Robert C. Ellickson, Order without Law: How Neighbors Settle Disputes
  10. David G. Epstein et al., Bankruptcy
  11. Roscoe Pound, Law and Morals
  12. Robert C. Stevens, Law School
  13. Mirjan R. Damaska, Evidence Law Adrift
  14. Thomas Lee Hazen, The Law of Securities Regulation
  15. Howell E. Jackson, Edward L. Symmons, Regulation of Financial Institutions
  16. Morton J. Horwitz, The Warren Court and the Pursuit of Justice
  17. Eric A. Posner, Law and Social Norms
  18. George P. Fletcher, Basic Concepts of Criminal Law
  19. Christopher Wolfe, Judicial Activism
  20. Richard A. Epstein, Simple Rules for a Complex World
  21. Robert P. Merges, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age
  22. John W. Strong, Mccormick on Evidence
  23. Stephen Judge, Business Law
  24. Mary Kay Kane et al., Civil Procedure
  25. Wayne R. LaFave, Criminal Procedure
  26. Morton J. Horwitz, The Transformation of American Law
  27. Stephen N. Subrin et al., Civil Procedure: Doctrine
  28. Kate Standley, Family Law
  29. Robert G. Mccloskey and Sanford Levinson, The American Supreme Court
  30. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Common Law
  31. George B. Vold et al., Theoretical Criminology
  32. Henry Mather, Contract Law and Morality
  33. Stephen M. Feldman, American Legal Thoughts from Pre-medoenism to Post-modernism
  34. Akhil Reed Amar, The Constitution and Criminal Procedure: First Principles
  35. John Finnis, Natural Law and Natural Rights
  36. P. S. Atiyah, Form and Substance in Anglo-American Law
  37. Judith N. Shklar, Legalism: Law, Morals and Political Trials
  38. Matthias W. Stecher, Webvertising: Unfair Competition and Trademarks on the Internet
  39. Graham Romp, Game Theory Introduction and Applications
  40. H. L. A. Hart, Causation in the Law
  41. Bernard Schwartz, A History of the Supreme Court
  42. Louis Henkin, International Law: Politics and Values
  43. David Luban, Legal Modernism
  44. Stephen B. Goldberg, Frank E. A. Sander, Nancy H. Rogers, Sarah Rudolph Cole, Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, and Other Processes

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