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1st edition (publ. Villard)

The American Night [1] is a volume of poetry written by Jim Morrison, front-man for the 1960s psychedelic rock group, The Doors, and published posthumously in 1991, 20 years after his death (to the month) by Random House under the trade name imprint Villard Publishing. The book is structured into 10 sections. The title is eponymous with a poem that appears on the album American Prayer, itself a collection of spoken word and musical vignettes released in 1978.

The book consists of his theories on night which the publisher describes as containing "nightmarish images, bold associative leaps, and [a] volcanic power of emotion" and being "the unmistakable artifacts of a great, wild voice and heart."[2]

The American Night is a follow-up and second volume to Wilderness: The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison (first published in 1989).[3]


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