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The American Pyrotechnics Association is an advocacy group that aims to get consumer fireworks legalized across the United States and educate citizens on the safe use of fireworks.


The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) was established by a group of seven fireworks manufacturing companies in 1948 with the aim of addressing industry issues such as safety and compliance with state and local pyrotechnics laws. APA members include many participants in fireworks industry – professional display, consumer & proximate pyrotechnic, manufacturers, importers & distributors, both domestic & foreign.[1]

Members of the APA[edit]

Some members of the American Pyrotechnics Association include:

American Promotional Events, Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics, Lynch Imports LLC, Bellino Fireworks, Fireworks Over America, Galaxy Fireworks, Lidu Fireworks, Pyrotechnico, Rozzi Inc., Shiu Fung Fireworks, and Walt Disney Entertainment.[2]


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