American Tragedy (band)

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Not to be confused with The American Tragedy, a rock and roll band from Shreveport, Louisiana.

American Tragedy was a post-hardcore/metalcore band from San Diego, California. In 2002, the band released a split album with the metalcore band As I Lay Dying on Pluto Records. Their sound is post-hardcore with slight metal influences, incorporating the usage of melodic riffs. The band went through many lineup changes, while also changing their sound in the later days of the band's existence. After the release of the split album, the band became inactive. Former members later went on to play in Gasoline Please, Lance's Hero, and The Prayers.

Songs they released on the split album As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy:

  1. "Choking On a Dream"
  2. "World Intruded"
  3. "Spite and Splinter"
  4. "Porcelain Angels"
  5. "Moments and In Between"