Amerika (nightclub)

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Principal dance floor in Amerika

Amerika is an Argentine LGBT nightclub, considered[according to whom?] to be one of the largest in Latin America.[1] It's located in the Almagro neighborhood and is one of the most popular LGBT disco's in Buenos Aires.[2]

Amerika has, on several different occasions been closed in recent years due to complaints of noise from neighborhood residents, however the owners claim it is discrimination on the part of its neighbors.[3]

The Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, an association that defends the LGBT rights, was involved in the reopening of the club in December 2006 after being closed for five months.[4]


Amerika is located on 1040 Gascón Street, in the neighborhood of Almagro, Buenos Aires. It has three dance floors: Continental, Caribbean and Crystal and has capacity for 1866 people. It works only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


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