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Developer(s) Wolfgang Hamman, John Cowen, Justin Watkins, Patrick Mineault, Wade Arnold, Ariel Sommeria-Klein
Stable release 2.2.1 Generator / August 2014
Operating system Cross-platform
Type PHP Library
License BSD
Website Amfphp at Silex Labs

Amfphp is a library for creating PHP based application back ends .[1] Key features are support for AMF among other Protocols, and developer tools such as a service browser, a client code generator, and a performance profiler.


  • Support for parsing AMF[2] and other protocols [3]
  • service browser [4]
  • plugin system[5]
  • Client code generation[6]


  • In 2002 Wolfgang Hamman reverse engineers the AMF format to create a working gateway.[7]
  • Other developers (Justin Watkins, John Cowen) implemented a good part of the Remoting framework, and released 0.9b in September 2003.
  • In December 2004, Patrick Mineault releases version 1.0
  • In October 2007 Wade Arnold took the lead of the project to bring a production ready release of Amfphp with support for the AMF3 protocol. 1.9 beta 2 is released in January 2008, but then development stalls as Wade Arnold[8] is hired by Adobe to work on Zend AMF.[9]
  • Ariel Sommeria-klein and Danny Kopping pick up the project in December 2009. Version 1.9 is released in February 2010.
  • In 2010 Silex Labs is founded, and officially takes control of the project. Ariel Sommeria-Klein takes team lead.
  • version 2.0, a near complete rewrite is released in September 2011.[10]
  • version 2.1 is released in June 2012, adding client project stub generation.[11]
  • version 2.2 is released in December 2013, adding performance profiling.[12]
  • version 2.2.1 is released in August 2014.[13]


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