Amigo's Parlor Shake Shake Shake

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Amigo's Parlor Shake Shake Shake
Video by Ami Suzuki
Released 2000
Genre J-pop
Label Sony Japan

Amigo's Parlor Shake Shake Shake was the first live-recorded concert of Ami Suzuki. It was released by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in VHS and DVD formats.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Love the Island
  2. Be Together
  3. White Key
  4. Silent Stream
  5. Nothing Without You
  6. Alone in My Room
  7. All Night Long
  8. Don't Leave Me Behind
  9. Our Days
  10. Happy New Millennium
  11. Don't Need to Say Good Bye
  12. Thank You 4 Every Day Every Body
  13. I Really Wanna Tell/Multiple Angle Function (8 tunes)