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Studio album by Ami Suzuki
Released 25 March 1999
Recorded 1998
Genre J-Pop
Length 58:11
Label Sony
AICT-1050 (Japan, CD)
AIYT 9002 (Japan, MiniDisc)
Producer Tetsuya Komuro
Ami Suzuki chronology
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Singles from SA
  1. "Love the Island"
    Released: 1 July 1998
  2. "Alone in My Room"
    Released: 17 September 1998
  3. "All Night Long"
    Released: 5 November 1998
  4. "White Key"
    Released: 16 December 1998
  5. "Nothing Without You"
    Released: 17 February 1999
  6. "Don't Leave Me Behind/Silent Stream"
    Released: 17 March 1999

SA is Ami Suzuki's debut album released under label Sony Music Japan on 25 March 1999.


The album was released on 25 March 1999 as a 12cm CD and fully produced by the legendary Tetsuya Komuro or TK, and he took part in every aspect of it, even in lyric writing. The album had pretty strong sales as it sold nearly 2 million copies, achieving a simply amazing success in her country. The album was re-released on MiniDisc on 28 April 1999.

After a legal dispute between Suzuki and her manager in September 2000, Sony put the album out of print along with all other Ami Suzuki singles and albums released up to that point, and she was blacklisted from the J-pop music scene. However, after she re-debuted under Avex Trax in 2005, the album was re-released later that same year as part of her Bazooka 17 box set. It was later re-released in a remastered version on the Blu-spec 2 format on 11 September 2013 simultaneously with her second album Infinity Eighteen Vol. 1.

The title of the album, SA, comes from Suzuki Ami, the name of the artist.

The album charted for 33 weeks on the Oricon charts.

Track listing[edit]

CD, MiniDisc
No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Nothing Without You" Marc Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro, Cozy Cubo 4:13
2. "Stories Behind" Marc, Ami Suzuki Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 2:00
3. "Alone In My Room" Tetsuya Komuro, Marc Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro 5:00
4. "White Key" Marc, Tetsuya Komuro Cozy Kubo, Tetsuya Komuro Cozy Kubo, Tetsuya Komuro 3:46
5. "Another World" Marc Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 3:46
6. "Love The Island" Tetsuya Komuro, Marc Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro 4:55
7. "Don't Leave Me Behind" Marc Panther, Ami Tetsuya Komuro Cozy Kubo, Tetsuya Komuro 4:39
8. "Boku no Shiawase (ボクのしあわせ)" Takahiro Maeda Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 4:32
9. "In My Diary..." Marc Panther Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 3:40
10. "Asu, Atsuku, Motto, Tsuyoku (明日、あつく、もっと、つよく)" Tetsuya Komuro, Hiroshi Hiruma Tetsuya Komuro Cozy Kubo 5:06
11. "Private Sky" Marc Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 3:41
12. "All Night Long" Tetsuya Komuro, Marc Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro 4:50
13. "Silent Stream" Marc Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 5:18
14. "...Smile" Takahiro Maeda Cozy Kubo Cozy Kubo 1:52


Date Title Peak position Sales
1 July 1998 "Love the Island" 5 288,000
17 September 1998 "Alone in My Room" 2 353,000
5 November 1998 "All Night Long" 2 346,820
16 December 1998 "White Key" 2 503,000
17 February 1999 "Nothing Without You" 3 411,000
17 March 1999 "Don't Leave Me Behind/Silent Stream" 3 273,000