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An amine is one of a group of compounds containing a nitrogen atom with a lone pair.

Amine or Amino may also refer to:


  • Amino acid, a molecule that contains both amine and carboxyl functional groups
  • Amino alcohol, a molecule that contains both an amine and an alcohol functional group
  • Amino sugar, a sugar that contains an amine group in place of a hydroxyl group


  • Amine, an alternate spelling of the Arabic male name Amin
  • Aminé (rapper), American hip hop recording artist, full name Adam Aminé Daniel
  • Amine (singer), Moroccan-born French R&B singer, full name Amine Mounder
Given name
  • Amine Aksas (born 1983), Algerian football player
  • Amine Amamou, Moroccan football player
  • Amine Bannour (born 1990), Tunisian handball player
  • Amine Belaïd (born 1988), Algerian football player
  • Amine Boukhlouf (born 1984), Algerian football player
  • Amine Chermiti (born 1987), Tunisian football player
  • Amine Pierre Gemayel (born 1942), President of Lebanon from 1982 to 1988 and leader of Kataeb Party
  • Amine El Khalifi (born c. 1983), Moroccan man arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to carry out a suicide bombing on the United States Capitol
  • Amine Laâlou (born 1982), Moroccan middle distance runner
  • Amine Lecomte (born 1990), French-Moroccan football player
  • Amine Linganzi (born 1989), Congolese football player
  • Amine Ltaïef (born 1984), Tunisian football player
  • Amine El Manaoui (born 1991), Moroccan middle-distance runner
  • Amine Mezbar (also known as Adel Tobbicchi), Canadian citizen arrested and charged with terrorism, following an alleged plot conspiring to blow up the American embassy in Paris in June 2002. Later found not guilty of the charge in a Dutch court
  • Amine M'raihi, part of the Tunisian oud/qanun musical duo Amine and Hamza
  • Amine Rzig (born 1980), Tunisian basketball player
  • Amine Touahri (born 1989), Algerian football player
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