Amor y sexo

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Amor y sexo (Safo '63)
Directed by Luis Alcoriza
Produced by Gregorio Wallerstein
Written by Alphonse Daudet
Julio Porter
Starring María Félix
Julio Alemán
Music by Sergio Guerrero
Cinematography Rosalio Solna
Edited by Rafael Ceballos
Release date
May 5, 1964
Running time
110 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Amor y sexo (Safo '63) ("Love and Sex (Sappho '63)") is a 1964 Mexican film. It was directed by Luis Alcoriza and starring María Félix.


Diana (María Félix) is a mature woman with a life full of romantic adventures living a life of prostitution and drugs in the high society Mexican circles. Diana fell in love with Raul (Julio Alemán) a man 10 years younger. The secret of Diana life is an old lover tied mysteriously with Diana.


It's the only film where the Mexican cinema diva María Félix appears partially naked.

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