Amos Binney

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Amos Binney
Amos Binney
Amos Binney
Born (1803-10-18)October 18, 1803
Boston, Massachusetts
Died February 18, 1847(1847-02-18) (aged 43)
Rome, Italy
Nationality USA
Fields malacology
Alma mater Brown University and Harvard College

Amos Binney (October 18, 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts – February 18, 1847 in Rome, Italy) was an American physician and malacologist.[1]


His son was William G. Binney.

He was a co-founder of Boston Society of Natural History in 1830[2] and he was a member of the society until his death in 1847.[2] He was also a president of the society from May 17, 1843 to May 5, 1847.[2]



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