Nong Bua Rawe District

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Nong Bua Rawe
Amphoe location in Chaiyaphum Province
Amphoe location in Chaiyaphum Province
Coordinates: 15°44′55″N 101°45′34″E / 15.74861°N 101.75944°E / 15.74861; 101.75944Coordinates: 15°44′55″N 101°45′34″E / 15.74861°N 101.75944°E / 15.74861; 101.75944
Country  Thailand
Province Chaiyaphum
Seat Nong Bua Rawe
Amphoe established 1978
 • Total 841.8 km2 (325.0 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 36,371
 • Density 43.2/km2 (112/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 36250
Geocode 3608

Nong Bua Rawe (Thai: หนองบัวระเหว) is a district (Amphoe) of Chaiyaphum Province, northeastern Thailand.


The area was originally a tambon of Chatturat district. It was separated and together with tambon Wang Takhe became a minor district (King Amphoe) on April 17, 1978.[1] It was officially upgraded to a full district on January 1, 1988.[2]


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Nong Bua Daeng, Ban Khwao, Chatturat, Sap Yai, Thep Sathit and Phakdi Chumphon.

The Sai Thong National Park is located in the district.


The district is subdivided into 5 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 58 villages (muban). There are three subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon), each covering the whole same-named subdistrict: Nong Bua Tawe, Huai Yae and Khok Sa-at. The remaining two subdistricts have a Tambon administrative organization (TAO).

No. Name Thai Inh.[3]
1. Nong Bua Rawe หนองบัวระเหว 05,892
2. Wang Takhe วังตะเฆ่ 13,680
3. Huai Yae ห้วยแย้ 07,104
4. Khok Sa-at โคกสะอาด 05,602
5. Sok Pla Duk โสกปลาดุก 04,093


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