Sena District

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Amphoe location in Ayutthaya Province
Amphoe location in Ayutthaya Province
Coordinates: 14°19′38″N 100°24′16″E / 14.32722°N 100.40444°E / 14.32722; 100.40444Coordinates: 14°19′38″N 100°24′16″E / 14.32722°N 100.40444°E / 14.32722; 100.40444
Country  Thailand
Province Ayutthaya
Seat Sena
Tambon 17
Muban 132
 • Total 205.6 km2 (79.4 sq mi)
Population (2012)
 • Total 66,670
 • Density 313.4/km2 (812/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 13110
Geocode 1412

Sena (Thai: เสนา, IPA: [sěːnāː]) is a district (amphoe) in Ayutthaya Province, central Thailand.

Local people typically know Sena and call it Ban Phaen (บ้านแพน). Its city boasts a clocktower in the center of town, which has a clock on all four sides. Also, there is a weekly temple market on Tuesday nights, where countless vendors can be seen selling everything from puppies to mobile phone accessories to movie and music posters at a discount price. There was an historical coconut shop across the street from the temple market, which was formerly known as Mukda Shop. Mukda Shop sold fresh coconut juice, jelly and whole fresh coconuts, to both individuals and to businesses in the greater Ayutthaya area, as well as within the ancient capital. The former family who owned the coconut shop sold it to a young couple. However, ultimately the coconut shop was torn down and the adjoining road was expanded into more lanes.

There is also a secondary school known as Senaprasit School that features yearly Sports Days − three days that fall between Christmas and New Year's. The students dress in various themes that represent Thailand and walk around the school grounds. There is also a march from the center of town to the school. For three days the students rally and play competitive Thai sports.


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Phak Hai, Bang Ban, Bang Sai (บางไทร), Lat Bua Luang and Bang Sai (บางซ้าย) of Ayutthaya Province.

Senaprasit students in the city of Sena, Thailand.
Senaprasit students in the city of Sena, Thailand.


The district is subdivided into 17 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 132 administrative villages (muban). Sena is a town covering the whole Sena subdistrict. There are four subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon) − Sam Ko and Bang Nom Kho cover the whole same-named subdistrict, Hua Wiang the whole subdistrict Hua Wiang and ban Krathum, and Chao Chet the whole subdistrict Chao Sadet and parts of the subdistrict Chao Chet and Ban Thaeo. There are further 9 Tambon administrative organizations as the local government for the subdistricts not part of a municipality.

No. Name Thai Inh.[1]
01. Sena เสนา 4,103
02. Ban Phaen บ้านแพน 3,370
03. Chao Chet เจ้าเจ็ด 4,729
04. Sam Ko สามกอ 7,003
05. Bang Nom Kho บางนมโค 7,127
06. Hua Wiang หัวเวียง 4,236
07. Manwichai มารวิชัย 2,556
08. Ban Pho บ้านโพธิ์ 3,456
09. Rang Chorakhe รางจรเข้ 2,753
10. Ban Krathum บ้านกระทุ่ม 2,122
11. Ban Thaeo บ้านแถว 4,084
12. Chai Na ชายนา 4,880
13. Sam Tum สามตุ่ม 4,692
14. Lat Nga ลาดงา 3,437
15. Don Thong ดอนทอง 2,444
16. Ban Luang บ้านหลวง 2,844
17. Chao Sadet เจ้าเสด็จ 2,834


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