Amrit Bhushan Dev Adhikari

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Amrit Bhushan Dev Adhikari
Born 1885
Dolgoma Sattra, Goalpara district, Assam
Died 1942

Amrit Bhushan Dev Adhikari (Assamese: অমৃতভূষণ দেৱ অধিকাৰী; 1885–1942) was n writer from Goalpara district, Assam, India. He was the president of the Asam Sahitya Sabha held at Jorhat district, Assam, in 1923.[1] His book "Srimon Namghosa" (শ্ৰীমন নামঘোষা), a simple Assamese translation of Namghosa (originally written by Madhavdeva) was published in 1911.

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