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Location Canton of Berne
Coordinates 46°43′26″N 7°34′37″E / 46.72389°N 7.57694°E / 46.72389; 7.57694Coordinates: 46°43′26″N 7°34′37″E / 46.72389°N 7.57694°E / 46.72389; 7.57694
Type natural
Primary inflows Rotmoos-Bach
Primary outflows Wahlenbach
Catchment area 4.202 km2 (1.622 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 1.1 km (0.68 mi)
Max. width 0.5 km (0.31 mi)
Surface area 0.381525 km2 (0.147308 sq mi)
Max. depth 13.9 m (46 ft)
Water volume 2,552,682 m3 (90,147,100 cu ft)
Surface elevation 641 m (2,103 ft)
Settlements Amsoldingen

Amsoldingersee is small lake adjacent to the town of Amsoldingen, in the Upper Gürbetal. It is located near the city of Thun, Switzerland. The lake has a surface area of 38 hectares and a maximum length of 1.1 km and width of 500 m. The maximum depth is 14 m. It is fed by Rotmoos-Bach from the smaller Uebeschisee.