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Location Canton of Berne
Coordinates 46°43′26″N 7°34′37″E / 46.72389°N 7.57694°E / 46.72389; 7.57694Coordinates: 46°43′26″N 7°34′37″E / 46.72389°N 7.57694°E / 46.72389; 7.57694
Type natural
Primary inflows Rotmoos-Bach
Primary outflows Wahlenbach
Catchment area 4.202 km²
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 1.1 km
Max. width 0.5 km
Surface area 0.381525 km²
Max. depth 13.9 m
Water volume 2,552,682 m³
Surface elevation 641 m
Settlements Amsoldingen

Amsoldingersee is small lake adjacent to the town of Amsoldingen, in the Upper Gürbetal. It is located near the city of Thun, Switzerland. The lake has a surface area of 38 hectares and a maximum length of 1.1 km and width of 500 m. The maximum depth is 14 m. It is fed by Rotmoos-Bach from the smaller Uebeschisee.