An-Nasir Ali bin Salah

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An-Nasir Ali bin Salah (died 1329) was a claimant to the Zaidi state in Yemen, acting in rivalry with other pretenders in 1328–1329.

Ali bin Salah bin Ibrahim was a grandson of the imam al-Mahdi Ibrahim who died in Rasulid captivity in 1284.[1] When Imam al-Mahdi Muhammad bin al-Mutahhar died in 1328, a turbulent situation arose in the Zaidiyyah territories. Ali bin Salah put forward his da'wa (call for the imamate) in As Sudah, taking the laqab name an-Nasir. He was however immediately opposed by three other claimants. Fighting between the contenders followed, and lives were lost. After one year, an-Nasir Ali bin Salah died and was buried in As Suda.[2] The winner in the power struggle was al-Mu'ayyad Yahya (d. 1346).[3]

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Preceded by
al-Mahdi Muhammad bin al-Mutahhar
Imam of Yemen
Succeeded by
al-Mu'ayyad Yahya