An Advanced History of India

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An Advanced History of India
An Advanced History of India.jpg
Author R. C. Majumdar
H.C. Raychaudhuri
Kalikinkar Datta

An Advanced History of India is a book on Indian history written by R.C. Majumdar, H.C. Raychaudhuri and Kalikinkar Datta, first published in 1946.

J. Coatman wrote in a review in the journal International Affairs that this book is "easily the most valuable history of India for the serious student." According to his review, the first part on Ancient India "epitomizes all that the most recent as well as older scholarship has to tell us aboth this fascinating period...", and the "Muslim and British parts of India's history are treated with fairness and dignity and attention is drawn to the fundamentals of history - the growth of institutions, social and economic developments, and so on. Nowhere is there any rhetoric or mere opinion."[1]


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