An Insomniac's Nightmare

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An Insomniac's Nightmare
Directed by Tess Nanavati
Produced by Tess Nanavati
Written by Tess Nanavati
Starring Dominic Monaghan
Daniel Burke
Ellen Sachs
Alex Scelso
Music by Robert Solberg
Cinematography Tess Nanavati
Release date
Running time
31 mins
Country United States
Language English

An Insomniac's Nightmare is a 2003 film that stars Dominic Monaghan and was created and released by Jagged Edge Films.

Monaghan plays Jack, an insomniac in the city, fading in and out of reality through his own thoughts. He suffers many hallucinations including visions of the dead, in particular his best friend. He continually tells himself to wake up, but Jack is not asleep. He kills himself only to find that it is another hallucination, and only once morning comes do things stabilize even marginally, still creeping into insanity.

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