An Irish Astronomical Tract

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An Irish Astronomical Tract, medieval Irish text and manuscript.


An Irish Astronomical Tract is the title given to a medieval Irish text, created in the first half of the 14th century. It was written in Early Modern Irish, and is a translation of De Scientia Motus Orbis by Masha'allah ibn Atharī (c.740–815 AD).

The name of its scribe and place of composition is unknown.

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MS Sources[edit]

  • Stowe, B II 1; Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. Electronically available, with cataloguing information, on the ISOS Project (
  • Z 2. 2. 1. (olim V. 3. 1. 38); Marsh's Library, Dublin.
  • 23 F 13; Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.
  • British Library L 3. B. 32 (transcript of 'De Scientia Motus Orbis').


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