Anagnostis Striftombolas

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Anagnostis Striftombolas
Αναγνώστης Στριφτόμπολας
Born 1778
Mesorrougi near Kalavryta, (now Greece) Flag of Greece
Died 14 April 1821
Levidi, Greece Flag of Greece
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation Greek revolutionary leader

Anagnostis Striftombolas (Greek: Αναγνώστης Στριφτόμπολας, 1778 - 1821) was a Greek revolutionary leader.


He was born in 1778 in Mesorrougi near Kalavryta and Akrata. He was a schoolmaster in Tripolitsa in 1800, he was educated with children's notes and learned the art of war especially on knowing how to use a knife. He was an irreconcilable enemy of the Turks and continuously to quarrel with them, one day, he killed a Turk. Movably, he fled to Zakynthos (then Zante) where he was enrolled into the British Army. He returned to Tripolitsa in 1818 as a bodyguard of Asimakis Fotilas, he became ill and Fotilas which he asked and once again returned to Zakynthos. He returned to the same city for the second time and exercised vocationally with a watchamaker but not for a long time. He went to Kertezi near Kalavryta, formed a strategic body of 15 men and battled at Levidi where he was killed on 14 April 1821.[1]


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