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Anapaike is located in Suriname
Location in Suriname
Coordinates: 3°24′42″N 54°01′33″W / 3.41167°N 54.02583°W / 3.41167; -54.02583
Country Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname
District Sipaliwini District
Resort (municipality) Tapanahony
Elevation 366 ft (112 m)

Anapaike is an indigenous village in Suriname. It is on the banks of the Lawa River, which forms the border with French Guiana. Anapaike is the name of the first tribal chief of the Wayana Indian people. The village has an airstrip.


The geographical name of the village is the indigenous word Kawemhaken. This place is located in the jungle in the Tapanahony Resort which belongs to the district Sipaliwini. Farther north on the Lawa River is Benzdorp, a gold-mining place. North of Anapaike are the Dana Mountains, "the Goeje Gebergte," whose highest peak is 2,519 metres (8,264 ft).

Coordinates: 3°25′N 54°02′W / 3.417°N 54.033°W / 3.417; -54.033