Anbe Deivam

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Anbe Deivam
Anbe deivam tamil film 1957 poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byR. Nagendra Rao
Produced byR. Nagendra Rao
Screenplay byT. U. Pathi
Story byR. N. Jayagopal
StarringR. Nagendra Rao
M. K. Radha
K. Sarangkapani
Sriranjani, Jr.
K. S. Angamuthu
and others
Music byH. R. Padmanabha Sastry, Vijaya Baskar
CinematographyR. N. K. Prasath
R. N. R. Pictures
Release date
  • 6 December 1957 (1957-12-06) (India)
Running time
15,998 ft.[1]

Anbe Deivam (lit. Love is God) is a 1957 Indian Tamil-language film directed by R. Nagendra Rao. The film features him alongside M. K. Radha, K. Sarangkapani, Sriranjani, Jr. in the lead roles.[2]


Mohan Rao is a film producer. He lives happily with his wife. A couple and their child daughter Uma live in the neighbourhood. The husband is a rogue. He plans to rob the film producer. While he was executing his plan he kills someone. His wife takes the blame, but both are imprisoned. Mohan Rao and his wife adopt Uma. Time goes and Uma becomes a young woman. She is in love with a youth who is the son of a Police Officer. Uma's parents are released and they return home. Her father observes that Uma is living comfortably and that she is going to marry. He tries to blackmail Mohan Rao and get money. Uma's marriage is fixed. On the wedding day her father tries to create problems in order to stop the marriage. How he is exposed and how Uma's wedding takes place forms the rest of the story.[2]




  • Producer & Director: R. Nagendra Rao
  • Story: R. N. Jayagopal
  • Dialogues: T. U. Pathi
  • Cinematography: R. N. K. Prasath
  • Music: H. R. Pathmanabha Sastry, Vijaya Baskar
  • Choreography: Thangapan
  • Studio: Golden[2]
  • Audiography: T. S. Rangasami
  • Lyrics: Sundarakannan
  • Photography: Eswara Babu[1]


Anbe Deivam was released on 6 December 1957.[1] On the same day, The Indian Express called it a "technically flawless picture" and praised the music.[3] Despite this, it was not a success.[2]


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