Anca Mosoiu

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Anca Mosoiu
Occupation Technical consultant
Known for Founder of Tech Liminal

Anca Mosoiu (born 1973) is a technical consultant and web developer[1] who established the Oakland, California co-working space Tech Liminal in 2009.[2][3] She is credited with helping to build the tech industry in Oakland.[4][5] She has been described as a "tech guru".[6]

Early life[edit]

Mosoiu moved to the United States from Romania[7] with her family in 1983 when she was 9 years old. Her family had been granted political asylum "before the revolution toppled the Soviet-era autocrat Nicolae Ceausescu". She grew up in Oakland attending local middle schools.[4]

Mosoiu attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and earned her bachelor's degree in computer science in 1995.[4]

Tech Liminal[edit]

As a technical consultant Mosoiu spent a lot of time traveling and in hotel rooms.[8] Because she wanted to work with people and be part of a community, Mosoiu founded Tech Liminal.[9] Tech Liminal was the first technology co-working space in Oakland.[10]

"It's easier to have more impact in Oakland with little more than gumption," Mosoiu said. "It feels like we're all in this together."[4]


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